Qraft Bistro

Qraft Bistro is an intersectional feminist queer artist collective. Our core principle is that anybody can be creative! We bring art materials including lo-fi, everyday materials with which event visitors create something in less than a minute or longer, depending on our brief and their available time/ energy. We hope that by encouraging people to unleash their own creativity, especially while at an event celebrating creativity, that they will find moments to enjoy / discover their own creativity which can help add a little autonomous magic to busy/ stressed living. We’ve mostly run drop by sessions for adults but can cater for kids too and tailor our vibe, ideas and scope to suit the context.


The four members of Qraft Bistro are: Dorothy Damage, International Nobody, Wild and The Mollusc Dimension. We use creativity to find our voices, tell our stories and grow. We do this by making zines based on our various areas of interest which include: nature songs, roller derby, monster puzzles, black femme culture, surreal little stories with music video parallel lives and more.


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